v1.8 Team Management

The release of Input v1.8 brings updates and changes aimed at improving collaboration and management features for users. Below are the key changes in this version:

New Features

Team Model: A new Team model has been implemented to facilitate collaboration. This model is designed to provide a structured approach to managing access and editing permissions within groups.

Team-Based Form Management: With the introduction of the Team model, users within a team now have the ability to view and edit all team-associated forms. This update is intended to streamline collaboration and workflow among team members.

Team-Level Subscriptions: We've transitioned subscriptions to the Team level. This adjustment means a single subscription now covers all members of a team, streamlining feature access and billing processes.


Improved API Documentation: The API documentation has been updated for better clarity and ease of use. The aim is to assist developers in integrating Input more effectively into their projects and to facilitate the creation of custom solutions.

Thank you for using Input.