A No-Code form builder that fits your brand

Input lets you create simple & engaging forms. With our customization options, you can let the forms shine in your brand's colors.

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A simple form builder that gets the job done

We make creating forms easy and accessible for everyone. You do not need any programming knowledge to start using Input.

Fits your brand

Our forms are designed to have a simple and native appearance. With a few clicks you can adjust the colors to fit your brand.

No-Code required

Our form builder is easy to use and requires no coding skills. You can create forms in under 5 minutes.

Integrate with Everything

No matter where you want to process your data, with our integrations you can integrate with any platform.

GDPR compliant

We take data processing seriously. We comply with GDPR and we give you full control about the data you collect.


Want to have a quick start? You can use our templates to create a form in no time.


You own your data. At any time. We let you export your data in CSV or XLS format.

State of Form Software

Why did we make Input?

Asking someone to provide you with information is one of the most critical touchpoints between your business and your (potential) customer. You do not want to mess this up. So you start looking for solutions that make this process go as smooth as possible - and soon enough, you find software that does the job pretty well.

Take Google Forms, for example. It's a free tool that doesn't require any experience in creating forms. Or Jotform: A Software that enables form creation on a mobile app. What about Typeform? One of the most prominent players in form software delivers a beautiful conversational experience.

But you know what? When you insert a Google Form on your website, everyone knows it's Google's form, not yours. The same applies if you decide to use a Typeform: Everyone knows it's Typeform's form, not yours.

You should own your forms

That is a circumstance we want to change. It is your form. It belongs to you and your business. Our forms adjust to your brand, have a beautiful user experience, and are effortless to create. No programming is ever required. They are truly yours.

We are open source

And we don't stop there. In the light of data privacy regulations like GDPR, we want you to have complete control over your collected data. That is why we will not only make data collection secure on our hosted plans. We are open-source, so we can offer you a self-hosted solution to give you 100% ownership of your form processing infrastructure.

Creating quality forms that match your brand and feel like your own should not be hard. I never found a simple alternative. Input is my solution to this problem.

Philipp Reinking


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